Sugar Daddy story reveals important dating facts

A Sugar Daddy story tells the experiences a sugar baby made with her sugar daddy she once met at a gala, high society event or simply with the help of the internet. Every sugar baby of course has her own sugar daddy story. Read the sugar daddy story guide that reveals what a sugar daddy exactly is or the benefits of a sugar daddy arrangement. Prepare yourself for finding your own sugar daddy or sugar baby and discover the sugar daddy lifestyle.




What exactly is a Sugar Daddy?

When you read a great sugar daddy story, you cannot help but to wonder… what is really going one between these wealthymen and these women? There’s actually a lot more than you may imagine when you first hear about these kinds of arrangements! Dating a sugar daddy is not exactly what you think, and not all sugar daddies are interested only in physical arrangements.

what is a sugar daddy


A sugar daddy is simply a rich man who wants to get a little affection and is willing to spend some money to get what he wants. When you’re living a true sugar daddy story, you may sometimes feel as though you’re a movie star being showered with gifts in exchange for offering your inspiration and warmth in return. A sugar daddy is someone with lots of money to spare and a willingness to connect with the right kind of woman.

What are the benefits of dating a Sugar Daddy?

One of the major benefits of being part of a sugar daddy story is how you won’t have to worry about your materials needs. A good sugar daddy will be happy to take good care of you if you take good care of him, and this is usually a mutually beneficial relationship: a sugar daddy will thus get the emotional connection they want, and you may be rewarded for simply being who you are.

Dating a sugar daddy will usually be a thrilling experience for any modern beautiful woman who has a strong presence and knows how to listen to a man. It may sound like an overstatement, but what most sugar daddies really want is to have someone who will listen to them and allow them a chance to vent their frustrations and stress.


benefits of dating sugar daddy


Where can I find a Sugar Daddy?

At this point you may be wondering how exactly you may live your own personal sugar daddy story, right? No problems! Thanks to the Internet, it’s now easier than ever to find some suitable wealthymen with the right profile to help you live a story that feels like something out of a storybook.

There are many websites out there that promise they’ll help you find a sugar daddy easily, but you should make sure to only deal with reputable providers! A good sugar daddy website should work very much like a dating website, meaning you can use it to find the kind of people who want to connect with. If you can relate to these feelings, good luck with your search, and we hope you will find a sugar daddy story that will make you happy.


At a glance

  • business events
  • high society events
  • special dating websites
  • charity events


What is a Sugar Daddy Arrangement?

It goes without saying that relationships can be tricky. Both parties have wants and needs from the other which are sometimes difficult to articulate or are repressed by politeness, or the fear of scaring the other person away. The sad thing is that these relationships often drag on for years without either person being honest with their partner or themselves. Sugar daddy arrangements are one way of completely sidestepping this issue altogether to make sure that both people in the relationship are clear about their roles and needs ensuring a happy sugar daddy story.

sugar daddy arrangement


Basically, a sugar daddy arrangement involves a sugar daddy who is usually older wealthymen and a sugar baby who are usually young, attractive, fun women. From the beginning, the roles and needs are clearly laid out and the wealthymen and sugar babies agree before the relationship commences. This generally includes how much the sugar daddy is going to take care of the sugar baby which often comes down to his financial position. Key elements of the arrangement are how long the relationship will last, the length of dates and how often they will take place.


At a glance

  1. respectful relationship between Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby
  2. roles and needs are determined by both of them
  3. beneficial for both


A little sugar daddy story

Your typical sugar daddy story goes like this: The sugar daddy is a wealthy, successful older man with plenty of money but short on time. He wants a beautiful, intelligent woman on his arm that he can take out and spoil and show off to the world, talk about interesting things and have fun with. He doesn’t want to make any commitments, he doesn’t want any further expectations from the arrangement and he doesn’t want to take the relationship any further. For the sugar baby in this sugar daddy story, she is almost always younger than the sugar daddy and attractive – though it is not all about youthful good looks. She is witty and able to hold an engaging conversation with her more experienced sugar daddy. She wants the finer things in life, she wants to experience all of the luxuries that the world can offer. But, at this point in her life, she can’t quite afford them, but a sugar daddy certainly can and prefers nothing more than providing them for her.


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Differences between sugar baby and escort

So does this make a sugar baby simply an escort? The quick answer is no it does not. Whereas an escort generally lasts one night with a foregone conclusion, a sugar daddy arrangement is a long-term scenario with needs and rules and boundaries established at the beginning. There may no intimacy and only companionship as part of a happy sugar daddy arrangement, it really is up to the two parties to agree on what they want and expect from each other. Unlike many standard relationships that are unfulfilled end unhappily, because both sugar daddies and sugar babies know and get what they want this results in a happy sugar daddy story.

What exactly is a Sugar Baby?

Do you know what it means to be a sugar baby? Has any of your friends become a sugar baby at one time or have you heard a sugar daddy story? Well, people have different perceptions of the meaning of a sugar baby others viewing it as prostitution. A sugar baby is, therefore, a woman who wants to date financially stable men who are able to provide her with the lifestyle of her choice. More so, from a sugar daddy story that I read in an article, I learnt that a sugar baby tends to select who she wants to date because she has a goal of the kind of life she wants to have.

what is a sugar baby


Benefits of being in a Sugar Daddy arrangement

Most women do not last for long being sugar babies, often when the sugar daddy gets destitute and unable to fulfil for them their goals. Most sugar daddy story arrangements have many benefits to the two parties. When spoken to, sugar babies can open up to you that the arrangement arrays from holding hands, cuddling and going out for dates to expensive restaurants as well as travelling to exotic places. Personally, I have heard a sugar daddy story with very wealthymen due to the many benefits that come from the arrangement. One such benefit is you can always get what you want. This means that the sugar daddy will buy you anything you want as long as it is in your arrangement. Wealthymen will also give you extra cash especially when you are a college student. Secondly, there are no strings attached. The best part is you are not expected follow the rules of a long-term relationship. Thirdly, the arrangement does not consume a lot of time. This is due to the fact that sugar daddies are usually successful men that have achieved success in their level of work and run big companies, hence may lack a lot of time for leisure.


Benefits Disadvantages
financial support you need to be flexible (timewise)
business contacts


What do rich men look for in a sugar baby?

The preferences of what a sugar daddy looks for in a sugar baby differs from one person to another. Some features are however common among all men looking for sugar babies. Elegance and beauty is one such characteristic. Most sugar daddies look at the outer appearance being the first feature. Many girls that have a sugar daddy story are ever beautiful and very sophisticated. Secondly, a sugar baby who has goals. As much as the sugar daddies meet up your financial needs, they are also interested in seeing what you can offer. Being so particular, the sugar daddies also like someone who does not overstep boundaries and break the arrangement rules.


what do rich men look for


Sugar Daddy Review

From his crispy voice on the phone, I built an illusion of a husky, stout and bald rascal.
The dark blue, v8 land cruiser halted in front of the snack bar. A tall, dry, sharp looking gentleman stepped out and walked in the most calculative steps right next to me.
Hoa! He looked stunning than I thought, tall, slender, dark with eyes sunken to the sockets. His half smile and stretched nose gave him a trusted look, easy going guy. His white striped polo T-shirt and dark blue jeans gave him a stylish, youthful look.

sugar daddy story


The crowd turned their gossiping eyes and looked at me through the corner of their sockets, that chicky look that tells you, “You think you have made it?” A sharp sensation struck my spirit, but the better part of my ego was like, “I got him at last!” that was the genesis of my sugar daddy story.
I stretched my arms for a hug which he received gently. Wow! He radiated an expensive perfume through my brain. Cool, sensational and perfectly blended his class.
We sat close, directly opposite one another, our eyes caressing one another in curiosity, of course with light moments fragmenting.

The first experience

I was now getting comfortable in the environment of the ”big boy.” I took my time to survey the classy snack bar, which was full of all sorts of fragile sophisticated appliances.
I had heard much about sugar daddy story; it was time to have my first-hand experience with wealthymen. All the previous testimonies sounded real somehow.
I squarely rested my back on the slimy mahogany curved chair. Looked at my sugar daddy right in the eyes with calm seductive eyes, at least I was taught that this melts a man’s heart, and asked what he does with his life.
He gently cleared his throat and introduced himself as an auto businessman- car shipping business to be precise. “Sounds good, you must be doing well in it,” I added, “yeah, as I told you before, it’s a business that commands connections, wealthmen networks and at times greasing palms here and there…” he crowned with light laughter.”
My sugar daddy story was taking a sweet development. Clutching hands, rubbing against each other with engulfing smiles.

I regret nothing

We kept lowering our tones pave for more “sensitive conversation” that melted our self-control time to time.
He got hold of my hand, and we got into his classy machine leaving our blended fruits half attended.
The chauffeur took the wheel, smooth rides around the city to an executive hotel.
The guard quickly rushed to open the door for us, as we walked through the pavement of the wealthymen of the land.
We got through the reception into an executive master room. The ambiance it drew, king-sized bed, everything beckoned for my attention. It all felt like a fairytale.
I really enjoyed his company and how generous he was. In all that time in this arrangement, he fulfilled every desire I have had.
But I know, that not every sugar daddy is like that. Most of them are perfect gentlemen but you need to choose wisely and get to know the sugar daddy first to make sure the arrangement is just as great as you wanted it to be.


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