WealthyMen for women – A luxurious life with a WealthyMen❣️

WealthyMenWhen women hear about WealthyMen, what do women think after? Women may relate it with men who are wealthy. After all, it isn’t false. Talking about WealthyMen, we should know the exact meaning is. Quoting oxford dictionary, wealthy means having lot of money, possession, etc. at dictionary.com, the definition of wealthy is have wealthiness or great possessions. So from these source, we define it as man who has stable finance and lot of possession.

The characteristic are rich, have assets; tangible or intangibles. It means WealthyMen doing great, doing a job which generates lots of money. How about years? Usually ranging from below 30 to upper after 50 years. However, most are on the upper 40s. Rarely become rich on the 20s because still struggling with the job or business, bringing to the top of management or growing own business.

What are the jobs of wealthy man? Businessman or entrepreneurs and employee on the top management. Usually, men reach the highest after 40s, struggling to grow the business to bigger size. Countless are struggling from below, as an employee, working for years and then become with the top management employees. it isn’t instant to achieve all of it, so it must be thing which make they different.


WealthyMen discoverd by women

Find after a wealthy man is simple, if women know where to meet. Some girls do not know where to find them. We compile places they usually go at the leisure. Remember it isn’t easily entered by normal visitor. A sugar daddy is sometimes hard to find.


Luxury shop

When women try to get rich man, she go to a luxury shop or boutique. Why? Rich man likes to use expensive things. The perk of being rich is you can buy luxury things that can be seen when you wear it. Means you’re able to show your social identity. Rich men are entering to a luxury shop or boutique, to buy clothes and accessories. Maybe she isn’t able to buy things in shops. To approach, she need to dress amazingly, courage to walk in to the shop, window shoppin’, and try to talk with wealthy men inside.


Highclass pubs

Highclass PubsWhen a rich man working hard, he also playing harder. After working, men demand refreshment. What would be the best places to refresh after? A pub! Not a usual pubs, but highclass pubs where you’re able meet with rich men inside. Why would men pick that rather usual pubs? The reason is cause he prefer it, men can find rich person who would be the way to be richer, and maybe to spent time with other rich man.after all, it’s designed for richmen, lots of them inside, so she just walk and be the most stunning person. Believe me, all will try to go after her.


Luxury sport clubs

Rich man hobbies is sport. She must hear they doing expensive sport like tennis, golf, polo, etc. some often enroll to a luxury sport clubs. Why would he do that? The reason is client or colleagues also play sport like this. The way to be at hand and be friend with is from sport. So if a man rarely plays golf, he will cause he may find colleagues or maybe prospective client. So, this is the common places to find a wealthy men for her. She might go after rarely and it’s expensive to use this facilities. She should plan her way to be here and how she will reach them.


Luxury spa resort

After working hard or after doing exhausting business trip, wealthy man are trying to get out from his world. Stop to refresh, clear the mind. Spa resort seems tempting. It’s place to throw mind and be refreshed. Go after for several days. It might be easier to create conversation, you both are relaxing together, maybe you will get intimate easily rather meet in different places.


Charity events

Charity EventsThings WealthyMen do is attending charity events. Why would they do that? Cause they wish to, possess funds and time. After all, Real wealthy men usually doesnot demand more of it. He give it to the need and become a donors for a charity events. Better for her to find a giver wealthy men rather stingy.


Business places / millionaires clubs

Lastly and obviously, the places to find wealthyman is on business places. So, it means some places to do business, meeting, or maybe just relaxing and it is located near business centre. Imagine the possibilities to be acquainted, there are plenty of them in this places. So this is the easiest method for women to meet her prospect.


Contact with WealthyMen through free dating sites

More and more people are looking for the perfect partner on the internet. The service on social media like facebook is not very good for sugar dating. For this reason, WealthyMen but also Sugar girls become members of free dating sites to try their luck there. There are many profiles of rich men who are looking or search for a wife and finally get in touch/ contact with attractive sugar women. Many dating sites specialize in connecting WealhtyMen with young women so they can live a luxurious life as a couple. That’s why a sugar site gets more and more members who create profiles with appealing profile-photos.

WelathyMen prefer photos of women’s face so they can see what she looks like. But you can also upload a photo of your hobby, a photo of your passions or a beautiful photos that you have made yourself.

The free service of a dating site allows you to search and finally find your dream partner among many members. People who are looking for a partner but have difficulty to search for one, shouldn’t create a profile on Facebook. They should start to search on a free dating site and looking for the perfect match among the members.

Women spoting fake wealthy men

Women dating with rich men maybe the most ideal partner for her. He assure her live with a happy living. However, some are hoax. It may seem legit, but actually not so rich. There are things to consider for women when she determine whether a man is rich or no. Even on a free dating site or facebook women recognize the difference between rich men and a fake profile. They know the members and recognize the tricks of a fake profile on this free site immediately.


No assets

Imagine a woman dating with a rich man. She is stunning, her dating counterpart also fancy. They are dating for some times. However, she never seen his residence, car, etc. she loves him, he can keep her. But, she’s afraid for dating with a wrong man. This might be the matter for some girls who dating a rich man. She never seen his assets. Maybe he lives in an aged apartment and have lots of debt. He cannot easily pay it or pay a rent. Be careful, he might be just dating with you for own needs.


Language and knowledge

A rich man or wealthy man usually educated. They are struggling to the top. It is hard, it requires better education to be there. Educated man have broad knowledge, think and speak cleverly, understand his world. Moreover, talk with men that has broad knowledge give her new information and other things. Imagine dating with a man who talks trash, gossiping, or talk dirty. this Surely, he isn’t the best for her.


Talking about manners, it is related to education and nurture. Men who have decent living since child must be nurtured and treated carefully by the parents. Means, the parents teach to have a pleasing manner anywhere to anyone and become accustomed. They can perfectly put themselves in all occasion. Imagine her boy does not have manners. Arrogant, impolite with his woman, and cannot treat. Then it’s her time to move on from the dating.


Talk about money

Fake wealthy man usually talk about money and often relate things with it. For example, he often saying to her how the dating, dining, or vacation costly. He’s not literally say the amount, but he emphasize the dating is costly and he wants her to stay. On the other site, a real wealthy man who rich seldom relate it to all things he has spent for himself or by dating her. He knows that using it for dating to keep the relations run. As a rich person, he rarely thinks about it if it’s running out.


How women attract wealthymen

She is ready to find & dating her wealthy men, she get the opportunity and understand where to find. But she also must be dress attractively. Why would she try to be in touch if she is not appealing at all. It will be a bad move for her, as a woman, to attract. Here tips on how she prepare her self to be attractive to the men.


Carry yourself

To attract wealthy man, appearance is not merely thing to consider. It also how she carry her self. Imagine she’s walking. She will not walk as usual, opening her tights whilst walking. It’s not elegant. Walk neatly, elegantly, as on a catwalk. Her gesture also has to be elegant, show you’re an independent woman who likes to be spoiled. Act elegantly. Means you speak and thinks like him. Try to recognize the newest topic, so when you’re speaking with him, he knows that you’re a fine educated woman and informed with things he does.


Dress neat and attractive

Dress neatOf course, an important meeting or to attract, you must be fine dress. Appearance is the first thing that seen from her. If you donot dress fine enough, you will be underestimate. Makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories,dress, etc is important to consider. It’s just similar as a meet that will change you. If you cannot create amazing feeling with your appearance and dress, he will just dump her. So, always remember about it. Dress amazing and neat, so he sees you not as a golddigger, but as smart independent woman still want to be spoiled.


Be bright and smart women

It depends on her self and her inner. If she’s open & cheerful, that wealthy men should be happy about her. Being smart will be a plus. Talking fascinating topics to other person is pleasing, especially if that person is attractive. So if she want to attract, this is the method she should do on dating.


Be funny women

He must be struggling to the top of company or growing his business. He want someone funny, to make him relaxed. Anyone in the world like someone who are funny, can lift up the situation. So, be funny at dating to show that you can be someone to lift up his mood.


Show interest at his business

If she wish to know more & make him attracted, she should have show interest with what he’s doing or his interest. Maybe at first, she does not understand what he’s doing or his interest. Later, she should show interest with what he does. For example, his business is food industry. Be interested with his business. Show that you want to know more about the business, give a suggestion if you can. This could attract him more to her.


WealthyMen – Be an expert at he’s not

Her Impression is important. If women can impress WealthyMan, her living would change. Imagine if women is dating a rich man and he loves to eat . He likes to eat delicious food. If women has the ability to cook, she should cook. Make him amazed with her cook. Become an expert at cooking, which he cannot do at all. This would give amazing impression to her. He would be attracted because of her food. What could be wrong, eating a delicious food with person whom you like most?

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