How to Date a Millionaire

How to date a millionaire? According to Forbes there are plenty around. To find rich men all you have to do is put on your best/sexiest clothes, apply make-up and push your feet into shoes that are comfortable to try on, but don’t do much for ‘aplomb’ when you’re walking around, grab your fake Louis Vuitton and go to an upscale bar. If you want to date a millionaire you’ll need to have your own money so you don’t look needy, have a practiced ‘Victoria Beckham’ pout and air of importance and if you do a good job of faking an ‘upper class’ presence, you just never know your luck and you could date a millionaire.

Dedication Is Needed to Date a Millionaire

If you are determined to date a millionaire and you are not wealthy or you would like to find a sugar daddy and live the life of the rich and famous, it can most certainly be done.
Do not think this will be easy to date a millionaire. A self-made millionaire is likely to be very intelligent and would appreciate good cultured conversation. If you are prepared to ‘be prepared’, do the ‘hard yards’, ‘walk the walk’ and ‘talk the talk’, then you will give yourself a ‘clichéd’ chance to date a millionaire.
You may need to change a lot of things about yourself to meet rich men. The way you talk could be the difference between having a conversation with the man of your dreams or a passing formality, “Hello, nice to meet you, goodbye.” It may well be in your best interest to invest in elocution lessons.
‘Dress to impress’, does have meaning. Well-dressed people get noticed. Pre-loved clothes shops have the top designer brands if you can’t afford the ‘up-market’ shopping.
Once you have established your ‘upper-class’ façade, you are ready to search for and date a millionaire. They will always be at the ‘classy’ end of town and that is where you need to start hanging out.

date a millionaire
How to date a millionaire?


Become a Sugar-Babe and Date a Millionaire

If you are a young, attractive woman you could try the online dating site. It is the most reputable in Europe and full of financially independent men. Although a fairly brazen attempt to date a millionaire, it can be right for some. Be warned ‘Sugar-Babes’ are for fun.