Billionaire life – The new billionaire guide

A billionaire’s life is the most exciting and adventurous life you can imagine. Billionaires tend to have a tough work life but at the same time live their lives to the fullest. The life of a billionaire is much more interesting than you may think, especially if you want to date a billionaire some time. If you want to explore the life of a billionaire and wealthymen in general, stay tuned and get content based information about billionaire life and what it is like to date a rich man.




What is the billionaire life like?

Have you ever wondered what a billionaire life is like? Do you even know how much money a billion is? According to Plain English Campaign … “The UK meaning of a billion is a million times a million, or 1 followed by twelve zeros (1,000,000,000,000). In the US the meaning of a billion is 1,000 million, or 1 followed by 9 zeros (1,000,000,000). Can you wrap your mind around that? The average person can’t and neither can they imagine a billionaire life.

Don’t think though that just because wealthymen have lots of money that they don’t have any worries. Just like ordinary folks worry about making ends meet or saving a little, in a billionaire life folks worry about their money. Where to put it, how to invest it, how their investments are doing, who might try to steal from them, whether the people handling their investments can be trusted, and more.


billionaire life


Billionaire life is of course different to a ‘normal’ life

It speaks for itself that billionaire lives are very different to the rest of the population. They don’t live in houses, they live in mansions. Beautiful mansions set on sprawling estates that takes an army of servants to keep the house and the garden in tip-top shape. In addition to household and garden staff, they employ administrative staff and security, because as soon as one has money and valuable things, others might try to take it away from them or kidnap a family member and hold him or her for ransom.

When they have their homes decorated, they have very little involvement. They communicate with assistants what they want, and then the assistants hire interior decorators and give them free reign.

Being materialistic is everything?

In their garages they don’t just keep a car, they have a fleet of cars, ranging from luxury vehicles to vintage models. In a billionaire life, one is seldom enough, they want more and more.
In a billionaire life, anything and everything is possible. Whether it’s a house, a car, a yacht or jewelry, they want for nothing.

While they often talk of wealthymen, there are quite a few wealthy women as well. One of them being Oprah Winfrey who is worth $3.2 billion and lives on an $88 million estate.

Struggle between money and friends?

The only down point to all that money is, finding true love or even real friendship might be a bit of a problem. With everyone they meet they might wonder, is it me they are interested in or my money? This is often the reason why wealthy people divorce so many times. They might have a brilliant mind for business, but where it comes to matters of the heart, they make mistakes, just like the rest of us.

Are You Up for Dating a Billionaire?

Who hasn’t dreamt of a lifestyle free of financial constraints and money problems when worrying about next month’s apartment rent, or how to pay the electricity bill. While the chances of winning the UK lottery stand at around 45-million to one, bagging a billionaire may be a more attractive option. But how do you go about meeting these wealthymen, and what kind of lifestyle can you expect?


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The Billionaire Life Style

Once you’ve got your feet under the table (or should that be the duvet), you can begin to look forward to moving out of your small town studio apartment. How does a sumptuous flat in Kensington, Chelsea or Knightsbridge sound? Perhaps with a few holiday apartments dotted around Europe or further afield. Places like Monaco, Ibiza, St Tropez, Klosters, Dubai and St. Barts spring to mind.

Wealthymen don’t travel tourist class, or even club class. Their stature in life means private jets and luxury yachts, with a chauffeur driven Mercedes, Lexus or BMW limousine to get you there and pick you up. Nothing quite as ostentatious as a Rolls-Royce or Bentley though. They like to move around without drawing to much attention to themselves.

You won’t need to worry about what to wear either. Stores like Fortnum & Mason, Harrods and Harvey Nichols will be happy to open their doors while you pick up a few odds and ends, tastefully chosen to excite the mind. Impressive right, so how do you meet the billionaire of your dreams?

Moving in the Right Circles

I don’t want to put a damper on your aspirations but, you’re going to have your work cut out. At the last count, there were a mere 900 plus billionaires worldwide, so a little Google research is going to be required to find an eligible billionaire near you. Perish the thought, but if you wanted to improve the odds, knocking a zero off the ten-figure bank balance will considerably increase your chances.

This may sound a little hard, but if you’re going to succeed you will probably need to move jobs – and get hired by your billionaire’s company. Aim for a management or PA position and await the day your business acumen hits him between the eyes. Research points to the fact almost 50% of today’s mega rich met their current wives at work.

If that’s not an option you will have to take a closer look at your man’s billionaire life style, and work out how to get an in to his golf club, gentleman’s club, sailing club, restaurants and hang-outs. Find out what his billionaire life style preferences are. Of course, we’ve all seen Pretty Woman – but we won’t go there.

Billionaire life and Online Dating

In 2017, almost 20% of more than 14,000 newlyweds surveyed, said they met online. That’s higher than those meeting at work, through friends, socialising, or at college or university. Nonetheless, if you still hanker for that billionaire life style, you don’t join just any old dating site. There are online dating sites out there catering exclusively for the well-heeled, and membership is priced accordingly. With £10,000 per annum asked by some sites, you need to be prepared to speculate to accumulate.

Finally, while your online profile will certainly have a bearing on your success rate, have a care what you include. You may just end up dating your dream billionaire – who’s looking for his dream billionairess.


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The perfect online dating profile:


Aspects to consider in your dating profile Aspects you should not include into your dating profile
expressive photos inappropriate photos
individual nickname do not make any demands: don’t say ‘you have to be like …’
interests and hobbies do not mention things you don’t like
intentions and what you’re exactly looking for do not lie and make up things to be ‘more interesting’

Billionaire Activities

We all dream of becoming rich one day in our own way. Suppose that dream were to become a reality. What would you do with all that money? What do the top wealthymen in the world do for fun. Let’s take a look at the billionaire life:

The most popular activity among billionaires may surprise you. It’s giving their money away! Yes, philanthropy appears to be the most enjoyable activity for the super rich. Wealthymen seem to enjoy donating their substantial money to worthwhile causes. While this is a mere drop in the bucket for them, you and I can only ever imagine laying eyes on that kind of pocket change which is common to billionaire life.


billionaire activities


What else do billionaires spend their money on?

The answer is basically any damn thing they well please! The billionaire life includes items that we may never have the budget to experience including exclusive vacations and trips to exotic places, expensive shopping sprees, extravagant spirits and food. Most billionaires tend to have one or more yachts and private jets to travel the most comfortable way.


billionaire lifestyle


They have collectables such as automobiles. Indeed, how many rare vintage cars do you own? These billionaires love to showcase their vast inventory of every kind of vintage, rare, or ultra expensive super cars, while many of the rest of us struggle to make monthly payments on some relatively decrepit old beater! Also a very important fact is health and exercise to the max! They can afford all the best equipment and gear including massive amounts of time to enjoy physical activities that lesser wealthy people may not be able to enjoy.

Sometimes billionaires engage in political life because rich people tend to have  a huge impact on others and community.


At a glance

  • Luxury travel all over the World for any amount of time at any price
  • Rare art
  • Extravagant fashions and styles
  • Politics
  • Expensive spirits and wine
  • Boating or even yachting worth millions
  • Health care to the best
  • many automobiles and collectables


purchases of a billionaire


Extravagant purchases of a billionaire

Here are some items available for purchase for the billionaire life. Some of these are common items for the average billionaire while others are certainly rare, even for a billionaire:

  1. Islands
  2. Submarines
  3. Private rockets
  4. Doomsday bunker for the Zombie Apocolypse
  5. private jets
  6. bulletproof houses
  7. gold plated cellphones
  8. floating magnetic beds


The floating magnetic bed is apparently $1.6 million. I think I’ll wait for that one to go on sale!

Hope you’ve enjoyed a peek at the grass on the other side. Keep dreaming big and one day maybe you too can have all of this and more!

Billionaires and Business

The billionaire life is one that is much sought after; everyone desires to live like wealthymen. Purchasing and spending on everything that you would want without a care in the world. However, the billionaire life is very much related to the business that brings in the money that you need.


billionaires and business


The Importance of Business To The Billionaire

Business is very important to any billionaire, because it brings in money. Without the money then the billionaire will have nothing to spend and the billions will be none existent. Apart from inheritance most billionaires have made their billions from doing business. However, entrepreneurship is not always a bed of roses it takes hard work and sacrifice to make it in the business life.

The billionaire’s life is often filled with loneliness and a lot of hardship, but most people think all billionaires live a lofty life. Before most wealthymen made it in life, they had to shelf a lot of holidays and family life. They had to go that extra mile just to ensure that extra dollar makes it to the bank account.


Qualities of a Billionaire

The type of business that the entrepreneur decides to start at the beginning will determine if he or she will be able to live the billionaire life eventually. The founder of Apple, the late Steve Jobs once advised fellow entrepreneurs to always ensure that the type of business they start is filled with numerous innovations and variations.

That is because most human beings eventually get tired of simple products and want a lot more than what they have been offered. However, if a product is creative and innovative it can acquire another version and have a longer shelf life. It is that aspect that steers the business further and propels the entrepreneur to being a billionaire. Nevertheless, the clever businessman always ensures that the new version of the product has features that the previous versions don’t have.


billionaire qualities


The billionaire life is mainly filled with optimism; a pessimist can never be a billionaire because to run a successful business empire one must always believe that they will succeed regardless of the situations they find themselves. Positive thinking is what propels the businessman and drives the passion of the entrepreneur to believe that in the future the investment will bear fruit.